I am Stefanie Wolf, the creative mind behind the „Happy Wolf of Fortune“!

Stefanie Wolf vom Glückswolf fröhlich 2022

I have been creative ever since I can remember.

As a child I was either outside, reading a book, baking & cooking in the kitchen or just doing handicrafts or sewing.

Nevertheless I never thought about a creative career when it came to choosing a field of study.
So I ended up in a very uncreative job where I was surrouned with lots of books instead.

Well, and how did I get where I am today?
Over a decade ago when my son was still very young I could hardly find any clothes for boys in the shops that were neither dark nor featured designs like skulls.

That was not the way I wanted to dress my little boy!

And so I decided to take the reins.

After I had not been sewing for quite a while I got my sewing machine out of my cupboard and started to sew again.

Stefanie Wolf vom Glückswolf mit Schneiderschere und Herzen im Hintergrund

Since then I have sewn heaps of clothes for my children and me. And after a while of only sewing I also started to decorate my works with machine embroidery and plotter designs.

One thing led to another, and eventually, I began designing fabric patterns and embroidery files myself.

My designs are all about spreading joy and happiness in everyday life. From bold retro patterns to cheerful motifs, I aim to bring a smile to your face with each of my creations.

Whether it’s adorning your walls with bold dopamine wallpaper or crafting one-of-a-kind unique clothes, my patterns are sure to add a touch of happiness to any space or outfit.

Explore my collections and join me in making the world a happier place, one pattern at a time.

Come on.
Let’s make the world a bit more joyus!

Let’s spread joy together!

Looking forward to connecting with you!

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You need some inspiration what to create with my fabrics and wallpaper?

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