Have you fallen in love with one of my wallpaper patterns and would like to sew a shirt for your child with this design on fabric?

Or have you discovered a pattern in my shop that you really like, but the colour combination isn’t quite your thing?

Have you found a design that you would like to use, but its orientation is incorrect, or rotating it could save you some material?

These are the challenges that my customization service aims to solve for you!

Your favourite pattern in your favourite colour

You love the pattern – but your favourite colour looks completely different?

Send me the hexcode of your favourite colour(s) and I will recolour the pattern for you!

Photo with cats in outer space in dark teal blue
Photo with dress with cats in outer space purple

What is a hexcode?

A hexcode is a six-digit alphanumeric string that represents a specific colour in digital graphics.
Each colour in hexcode format is represented by three pairs of letters and numbers, with each pair indicating the intensity of the colour in the primary colours red, green, and blue (RGB).
For example, deep black is “000000” and bright white is “FFFFFF

How to find the hexcode of your favourite colour

Finding the hexcode of your favourite colour is easier than you think!

One of the simplest ways to find the hexcode of your favourite colour is by using online colour pickers.
There are numerous websites and tools that allow you to select a colour from a visual palette and instantly retrieve its hexcode.
Popular options include Adobe Color, Coolors, and ColorHexa.
Simply use the colour picker tool to select your desired colour and display the hexcode.

Note down the hexcode of your favourite colour and send it to me via the alteration request form.

Your favourite pattern is too big or too small for your project?

Imagine you’ve discovered the perfect pattern for your next project.

Pink yellow bathroom decorated with a bold pink orange yellow zigzag wallpaper

Upon closer inspection, however, you realize that the size of the pattern is better suited for wallpaper than for a shirt for kids.

Kids shirt with big scale 3D zigzag pattern

Instead of settling for a mismatched look, my alteration service allows you to perfectly tailor the pattern to your vision.

Specify in the alteration request form how you would like the size of the design to be changed.

Yellow kids shirt with bold scaled down 3D zigzag

Save material by rotating the design

Rotating patterns can help you save material and improve the aesthetics of your projects.

Chair pattern wrong postioned

For some projects, such as upholstering furniture, it may be sensible or even necessary to rotate your desired favourite pattern.

Simply write to me via the alteration request form specifying the angle at which the pattern should be rotated for which project!

Chair pattern well positioned

And now, find YOUR favourite design in my Spoonflower shop!

And now you know, if there’s anything else that needs to be adjusted to tailor the design to your very own project, there’s always the alteration request form!

Got any questions?

Feel free to drop me a line at stefanie@happy-wolf-of-fortune.com

Looking forward to hear from you!

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And now I’m curious!

Have you ever used such an alteration service before? Or could you imagine using my customization service?

If yes, for which pattern and for which project?

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